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Finance Manager

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Friday, July 26, 2019 - 11:07


Our team’s mission is to become the best producer of innovative and custom food products for North America’s leading retail and restaurant brands. We work together to asses our customers’ needs; develop and deliver unique, innovative, complete solutions, and create enduring relationships.  You can find our products in grocery stores and on restaurant menus across Canada.

At Apex, we’re about more than just food. We’re about bringing delicious creations to life for our clients. Because when we enhance what our clients are offering consumers, we’re making the world better by producing better food experiences and dining memories. We manage by facts that are used to support intuition and continuous improvement – business geeks specializing in food – is our mantra.


Finance Manager

Primary Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Vice President, the Finance Manager (FM) is directly responsible for all processes, systems, and IT platforms for the efficient and effective running of the organization.  The Finance Manager oversees the development, planning, and implementation of all operational systems and processes (the entire ERP system) ensuring that KPIs are used systematically across the organization to make sound business decisions. As a result, the FM is ultimately responsible for the development of a balanced score card that aids in preparing the company for the future.   

The FM coaches and supports the Finance Department in ensuring that, as a team, they are supporting production and sales with best in class management accounting, in addition to ensuring that all necessary financial reporting is occurring and more than meets the requirements of Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (relevant, reliable, understandable, comparable and consistent).  Financially, this role oversees the development and implementation of an IT platform that prepares the company to implement a compressive digital strategy.  

This role is part strategist and part hands on.  

Finance Team Human Resource Aspect

  1. The FM is responsible for regular performance reviews, coaching, and development of all direct reports and ensuring the same is occurring for everyone within the department. 
  2. The FM develops and executes a cross training schedule for all involved within the finance team.  The FM also manages employee expectations, personal development, and training in conjunction with the other Supervisors within the functional area.  This ensures that our staff have development plans to grow in their capabilities and value to the company - and are recognized and compensated appropriately.
  3. The FM is front and center when it comes to regular communication to the functional area. The FM communicates and coaches the team to demonstrate continuous improvement of gross margin efforts and cost saving initiatives. 
  4. The FM is directly responsible for the execution of initiatives that are a result of our Annual Values Survey and Organizational Diagnosis. They hold themselves personally responsible to addressing the issues identified by the company.

Management Accounting

  1. The FM is responsible for ensuring the development and integration of a production costing method and process that is communicated and understood by production. The FM develops and communicates KPI’s to the Production Supervisors ensuring that they can understand and further communicate the how and what needs to be improved.
  2. Through analyzing production data, the FM works closely with the Plant Manager and with the Production Coordinator to allocate and track production labour hours, units, and activity.
  3. The FM identifies and works with the Plant Manager and Production Coordinator to identify possible operational improvements to improve yield and reduce material and labour waste.  In addition, the FM assists with root cause analysis with the Plant Manager and the Production Coordinator for throughput issues and downtime, and recommends solutions to reduce.
  4. The FM is directly responsible for coordinating and prioritizing the efforts of our members of the finance team who are working on management accounting issues. This includes predictive, preventative, and reactive initiatives that support continuous improvement efforts.  
  5. In conjunction with the Plant Manager, the FM assists in analysis (NPV, IRR, Payback) for purchase of new equipment, and the analysis for purchasing of new equipment, including creation of new SOPs and developing and coordinating staff training.
  6. Works with the Vice President to review and explore possible acquisitions and expansion plans. 
  7. Works with the Vice President to review all short term (1 year) and long term (3 year) financial plans. 


Financial Accounting

  1. The FM is responsible for all financial reporting ensuring the monthly reporting is in accordance with what the business needs. 
  2. Working with the Controller, the FM will ensure that the yearend accounts are reconciled with the monthly financials and prepared in a timely manner.
  3. Working with the Controller, the FM will ensure that various tax refunds are optimized such as Foreign tax credits, SR&RD, BC Natural gas tax credit and others.
  4. Working with the Controller, the FM will prepare the financial accounting system for an integrated ERP system. To be implemented in December 2020.
  5. Working with the Controller, the FM will prepare the financial accounting system for an integrated ERP system. To be implemented in December 2020. The FM will produce process mapping for all finance processes and procedures.
  6. Working with the Controller, the FM will prepare and make recommendations for improvements of the entire final system – every year – in the pursuit of incremental innovation within finance. (For example, payroll, EFTs receipts and payments, to name a few)
  7. Prepare detailed plans for three-year financial plans and modeling such as to enable valuation calculations and to enable capital structure analysis to be completed.
  8. Review and prepare appropriate levels of control over spending and ensure a vender management system is in place

EPR and IT platform – digital strategy

  1. Set strategies and objectives for the EPR and IT platforms to ensure streamlining, integration, and elimination of administrative tasks.
  2. Oversee the technology infrastructure, developing plans and implementing to keep the company ahead of its needs. 
  3. Monitor changes and advancements in technology to discover ways the company can attain a competitive advantage, and make recommendations, where appropriate.
  4. Analyze costs and evaluate risks associated to the technology infrastructure and make recommendations.

Requirements of the Role

  • Designated accountant, within an undergraduate in accounting, and a minimum of 5-years’ experience, plus advanced schooling, other than an MBA, in a related area such as Leadership, Master in Finance, or the likes. Alternatively, an undergraduate in a non-business degree, an accounting designation, and an MBA.
  • Demonstrated outstanding computer and project management skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership.
  • Familiarity with working in a high-performance team .
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Exception analytical and problem-solving skills.


Apex Company Values:

At Apex, we champion the values of our founders.  We uphold these values to improve our workplace, enrich our community, and change our world for the better.

  • Honesty - We are authentic and speak the truth, because honesty builds trust and trust builds relationships.
  • Respect - We honour and appreciate each other and those we encounter, because respectful workplaces are productive, rewarding, and enjoyable for all.
  • Excellence - We pursue excellence through the commitment to our work and our relationships, because we believe that everyone deserves the best version of ourselves.
  • Stewardship - We safeguard our assets to maximize the positive impact they can have on the world, because we believe that all of God’s gifts are worth caring for and preserving.


To apply:

Please email lachlan.whatley@apexfoodsource.com with a resume and cover letter.

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