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Product Development Specialist

Apex Food Source
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Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 13:28

Position: Product Development Specialist

Location: 30530 Progressive Way, Abbotsford

Reports to: Director of Product Development


Our team’s mission is to become the best producer of innovative and custom food products for North America’s leading retail and restaurant brands. We are not just a co-packer. We work together to asses our customers’ needs; develop and deliver unique, innovative, complete solutions, and create enduring relationships. You can find our products in grocery stores and on restaurant menus across Canada.

At Apex, we’re about more than just food. We’re about bringing delicious creations to life for our clients. Because when we enhance what our clients are offering consumers, we’re making the world better by producing better food experiences and dining memories. We manage by facts that are used to support intuition and continuous improvement – business geeks specializing in food – is our mantra.

In product development, we value information that comes from our customers and suppliers, and information that we generate and discover ourselves.


Product Development Specialist Primary Responsibilities

The Product Development Specialist is responsible for planning and execution of assigned projects to 1) develop new products, and packaging formats, 2) improve existing products, packaging, and processing procedures, 3) reducing costs of ingredients, packaging, and process steps, 4) understand applicability of new ingredients and packaging formats, and feasibility of process technologies. This position is integral in the product development process from sourcing ingredients, packaging, and processing equipment from the bench scale to full commercialization. This position is responsible for ensuring that all project related documents

i.e. ingredient, packaging, formulation, processing procedure, in-process and finished product specifications including shipping, storage, and shelf life specifications, monitoring forms, lab trial log sheets are retained and organized in order to protect the confidentiality of this information.

Job Duties

  1. Project planning that is consistent with the product development process and approval stage gates.
    • Prepares detailed project plan and design of experiment for assigned project
    • Records all project related expenses and reports them in a timely manner
    • Identifies project requirements and acts accordingly to secure needed resources
  • Identifies critical path, risks and develops contingencies to meet project objectives while adhering to the scientific method
  1. Project leadership and execution that is consistent with our value of excellence
    • Leads the technical aspect of the project delivery and brings in other functional experts as necessary to progress the project to completion
    • Gathers and analyzes data and information in a logical fashion and presents project recommendations that are clear and actionable
    • Executes according to the agreed project plan and seeks the approval of the Director of Product Development in case of any necessary deviation from the plan
    • Prepares monthly project updates for Director of Product Development
  2. Intellectual property as a key company asset is safeguarded as stewards and intellectual property of customers and suppliers are respected
    • Receives and keeps information obtained from suppliers and customers concerning projects as confidential and prevents disclosures
    • Collects, stores, and restricts access to data, drawings, technical reports, and all other information related to an invention to pursue patent property rights
    • Adheres to non-disclosure agreements, post-employment restrictive agreements, and other security practices to maintain trade secrets
  3. Creates technical specifications that comply with Canadian government regulations on food safety, quality, and standards
    • Gathers all necessary information to generate a standard specification for ingredients and packaging materials
    • Creates, records, and compiles formulations, preparation procedures, test results, monitoring sheets in clear project or material binders or folders
    • Prepares technical specifications for ingredient, packaging, formulation, processing, product testing, packing, shipping, and storage
    • Participates in the creation of HACCP plans for new products, review and updates of HACCP plans for existing products
  4. Functional-technical and leadership skills development builds bandwidth of the product development specialist
    • Completes identified training programs including internal and external courses, on the job training
    • Acquires an understanding of the product development process and the stage gate approach to progressing a project
    • Acquires a working knowledge of the basic technologies and product testing techniques/protocols around the assigned projects and product categories
    • Participates in coaching and mentoring activities with a more senior manager or a more junior staff to develop the desired leadership skills


Profile, Know How, and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science or Food Technology
  • At least 3-5 years relevant work experience in product development in a food or beverage manufacturing company
  • Advanced computer skills - Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Working knowledge of Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Safe Food for Canadian Regulations, Food and Drug Regulations
  • Capable of maintaining a clean laboratory and test kitchen
  • Strong analytical skills with a very strong food safety and food quality orientation
  • Must possess the ability to plan and organize complex activities
  • Creative and resourceful and can work with minimal direct supervision
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Works well across all business functions

Apex Company Values:

At Apex, we champion the values of our founders. We uphold these values to improve our workplace, enrich our community, and change our world for the better.

Honesty - We are authentic and speak the truth, because honesty builds trust and trust builds relationships.

Respect - We honor and appreciate each other and those we encounter, because respectful workplaces are productive, rewarding, and enjoyable for all.

Excellence - We pursue excellence through the commitment to our work and our relationships, because we believe that everyone deserves the best version of ourselves.

Stewardship - We safeguard our assets to maximize the positive impact they can have on the world, because we believe that all of God’s gifts are worth caring for and preserving.

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