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Abbotsford, BC, January 24, 2013. BC’s Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick and the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, presented a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal to B.C. Food Processors Association CEO Nico Human at the 2013 Agriculture Industry Gala.

Human’s medal was presented in recognition of his commitment to building B.C.’s value-added food sector and previous contributions in supporting awareness and promotion of agriculture’s benefits in B.C. It was symbolic, even ironic, that the presentation took place during the 11th Annual...

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ABBOTSFORD – Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick and the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, presented Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals to Richard Bullock, Reg Ens and Nico Human at the Pacific Agriculture Show Gala last night, in recognition of their significant achievements and distinguished service to their fellow citizens.

Richard Bullock was acknowledged for his role as the chair of the Agricultural Land Commission and his ongoing efforts to preserve farmland in British Columbia, as well as his contributions to B.C.’s tree fruit sector...

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Abbotsford, BC – October 31, 2012. It is with great concern that we bring this issue forward. Under the Growing Forward program, a partnership between the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, a new not-for-profit organization was formed: the Food Innovation Centre of BC. FICBC’s mandate is to assist BC companies to grow their production, increase their workforces and ensure their sustainability. With its first 12 months of business completed in mid-October 2012, FICBC is fulfilling its promise to serve as a service hub to the agri-food sector, providing...

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12 “would be” food processing industry workers began the program August 27th, 2012 and all 12 successfully graduated September 22nd, 2012. As of this date, 4 participants from the initial intake are now employed and likely more will become employed in the near future.

This is an enormous leap for the workers involved. When they enter the program they may be unemployed, they are not eligible for EI benefits and they are regarded as having low skills levels, which prevents them from being competitive in the job market. These people worked hard to graduate and they appreciate the...

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VANCOUVER – One hundred and twenty people will have access to four-week training program that allows participants to gain employment and work in the high-demand food processing industry, announced Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Pat Bell.

The BC Food Processors Work! program is a part of a Labour Market Sector Solutions project with the BC Food Processors Association (BCFPA). This program involves working with food processors in the Lower Mainland to meet their demand for workers with basic food industry skills.

BCFPA expects to help 120 participants over a 20-...